3D-Lipo/Fat Freezing

Fat Reduction Treatments

Belgrave cosmetics offer a range of fat reduction treatments that are non-surgical, relatively pain free with no down time but also have proven results. They reduce the body’s fat by destroying fat cells instead of merely breaking them up and releasing them into the body which is then passed through the body’s natural systems via the liver, bowels and bladder. We offer five different treatments using the well-known 3D-Lipo ultimate machine, which can be mixed and matched to target different areas of the body and we offer discounts for combining multiple procedures.

Fat Freezing

‘If you can squeeze it, we can freeze it’ best for stubborn pockets and body sculpting.

Inch Loss / Cavitation

Best for overall fat reduction on larger bodies.


Best for body sculpting (bringing out the abs and breaking down harder fat).

Body - Radio Frequency

Best for cellulite and skin tightening to prevent saggy skin.

Shockwave Therapy

Used after each treatment to support the lymphatic system.

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