Inch Loss also known as Cavitation

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November 27, 2018
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November 27, 2018

Inch Loss also known as Cavitation

If you are looking to reduce the circumference of your thighs, hips, stomach, or get rid of stubborn pockets of fat that won’t shift no matter how much you diet and exercise, our Inch Loss Cavitation treatment can help achieve these results. During cavitation, fat cells are permanently broken down in your area of concern using ultrasonic waves, without causing harm to other cells. This causes the fat cells to liquify and get excreted via the body’s natural systems.

Our Pricing

Price range £75 per session (A course of 6-8 sessions is recommended)

Best for: large areas such as abdomen, thighs and back


The cavitation head emits ultrasonic energy, which penetrates the skin deep enough to reach the subcutaneous fat layer, without harming the other cells in the body. The ultrasonic waves causes pressure bubbles to form within the fat cells, which causes the cell membranes to rupture and disintegrate into a liquid state, as they cannot withstand this pressure. The fat cell content, which primarily comprises triglycerides, is dispersed into the fluid between the cells, and then transported through the vascular and lymphatic systems, to the liver. The liver makes no distinction between fat coming from the 3D treatment and fat originating from consumed food. Both are processed and excreted by the body’s natural lymphatic drainage systems. The more water you drink, the better your body will be at flushing these out!


This treatment is most suitable for treating larger areas of fat, such as the abdomen, thighs and muffin top. For larger bodies, we would recommend this treatment to bring in the waist before moving to fat freezing.

A course of 6-8 treatments is recommended to achieve maximum results, although your therapist will advise on the best treatment for you. The treatments can be taken weekly.

A full course consists of at least six cavitation treatments, although some results will be visible straight away, with an average loss of 2-4cm per treatment. Results will be improved during each treatment.

Losing weight with cavitation is not as simple as stepping into the clinic and getting the procedure done. Although you won’t need to perform any kind of exercise or exertion, it is important that you follow aftercare advice as closely as possible following treatment. Heavy meals should be avoided before and after procedure, and you should drink at least 1.5 litres of water per day during the course of your treatment. The more water you drink, the easier it becomes for your body to get rid of the fatty acids that your fat cells turn into. The fat cells also won’t come back once they have been destroyed, but maintaining a healthy lifestyle is key to ensure that new fat cells don’t return in their place.

Yes, cavitation can often be combined with other treatments depending on what you are looking to achieve. For example, it can be combined with Radio Frequency skin tightening to boost the collagen in your skin and to rescue the loose skin that may form as a result of excessive weight loss. This way, you can lose fat whilst tightening the skin layers.

A therapist will devise a tailored treatment program which may incorporate the addition of other technologies.

The majority of patients say that this is a comfortable and painless treatment as the device glides over the treated area.

The treatment takes around 40 minutes per session, however this may also vary depending on the individual and the density of fatty tissue. After gel is applied onto the target area, a handheld device delivering ultrasound energy gently glides over the marked area in circular motions. The majority of treated patients consistently report a painless and comfortable experience.

The body requires three days to properly eliminate the fat and toxins after a treatment. Treatment intervals also need to reflect this; at least three days must pass between each session.

It is typically painless though post-treatment side effects include mild bruising and temporary skin sensitivity. The excess fat cells’ contents, not used for energy, are excreted via stool and urine. Generally, you may notice some change in your stool and urine colour or consistency.

Treatment Summary

Procedure Time

Up to 40 minutes

Duration of results

Long term

Sensitivity period

Up to 10 days

First results


Back to work



Usual to bruise, redness, sore liver

Treatment Frequency

Weekly, 6-8 week course

Pain Level



2L of H2O on day 1.

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