Our Testimonials

  • Becky Charrison
    I went to Belgrave Cosmetics today and had a few of the facial treatments that they offer (as a package at the moment). Lovely, friendly staff who put me at ease and explained what each procedure was. I feel my skin is plumped up and feels rejuvenated after just one treatment of each. I’ll definitely be going back. Thank you.
    Becky Charrison
  • Laura Healy
    Had my very first LED light therapy treatment here at Belgrave Clinic and I was so impressed with the results even after my first session. My skin tone felt rejuvenated and skin clarity significantly improved with a glowing complexion . Jo and the team were great at explaining how each light treatment would work for me and specified it to my own skins requirements . I would definitely recommend this treatment for all, its now my go-to treatment.
    Laura Healy
  • Lisa Babyboo Scott
    Today I visited for 3d lipo on my tummy. The price was fantatsic as an introductory offer. I was at the clinic for approx 90 mins all in. The main treatment is very relaxed and I had a lovely chat with Lorraine the whole time I waited which was nice. I was shocked by how small the machine is that supplies the treatments but impressed by it.
    Lisa Babyboo Scott

Why Us

Qualified Therapists

Fully Qualified therapists with medical backgrounds

Professional Service

Professional Service with proven results

Bespoke Treatments

Tailor made bespoke treatments and we won’t oversell or push products and services

Easy to Access Clinics

Beautifully presented and easy to access aesthetic clinics

State of the Art Technology

State of the art technology that has proven results and is well documented by the media

Caring and Compassionate

Confidential, honest, caring and compassionate approach

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